January 31, 2017

Counting Down The Days!!

This smiley mama is getting closer!!
Just a few weeks left. :)

January 2, 2017


We have had a lot of interest in this litter!
We will accept one more female deposit, then keep a waiting list.
Once the reserved puppies have been picked,
we will notify the wait list of any available puppies.
Thank you!

We are taking deposits on Max & Shelby's upcoming litter of puppies!!
Shelby is due February 14th!! VALENTINES DAY
Her puppies will be ready for their new homes the end of March
and will be able to fly the first part of April!

They will all be GORGEOUS Red & White pups
with ROUGH coats and HAZEL eyes!
Interested in reserving a puppy?
Text, Call or Email me for more information!

7 weeks and Counting..

This week has been a long week of good byes..
Pretty much each day of the week..
It is always sad for us to see them go.. but they are ready for their new families and their new adventures. Our biggest priority is doing our best to find good, loving, forever families for our pups.
They deserve nothing less!!

You can see more of these puppies and some video too on our Face Book page.
Click on the link to the right, or search Rocky Mountain Border Collies, Utah

Spur was the first to leave.
His new 'pard drove from Colorado to pick this furry faced cutie up.
Spur seemed to instantly love him and has fit right in to his new family.
They decided to keep his name Spur!!

Cinch's new mom flew in from Washington, rented a car and drove to our little farm
so she could pick this playful little guy up and meet his parents! What an adventure for Cinch to ride on a plane under her seat! Needless to say, he let everyone know how much he loved it!! ha ha..
Last I heard they were thinking of naming him Bear, but I don't think it is decided yet.
He is definitely loving his new life! 

Enya was next in line.. She is as sweet as they come!
Her family lives here in Utah, so it wasn't a huge transition.
She is a perfect match.. She LOVES kids
and although she is this cute boy's Christmas present,
 I have a feeling she is getting pretty doted on by the rest of the family!
They named her Topaz!

Echo's new family decided to make the drive from California to pick her up!
They made a vacation out of it and squeezed a ski trip in.
This furbaby is going to get SPOILED!!
These boys were doting on her the second they saw her.
She has the sweetest personality, playful and spunky.
They have named her Nali.

Bling's new best friend also drove from Colorado to come pick her up.
Bling is definitely the perfect companion dog. She just follows me around everywhere
and is always under foot. it's a little bit of a shock for them too as their siblings start leaving..
Besides really hating her crate, she is doing well and getting really spoiled!

Wrangler is by himself. Don't feel sorry for him though!
He is getting oodles of attention from us!
We started him in a crate so when he flies to New York
next week he won't be scared.
He is a spunky boy who loves to snuggle too!
His new family can't wait to meet him.
They named him Rocky!!

December 20, 2016

6 Weeks Old

 I can't believe how fast time seems to be going!
These sweet pups are all so playful and loving!
It has been hard to get pictures because it has been so cold here.
And they just run like crazy when we are playing in the house.
They ARE border collies..
Not much for sitting still..


December 5, 2016

almost.. 4 WEEKS

These babies are starting to get their teeth!
Poor mama is doing her best to keep up
with them wanting to eat ALL THE TIME!!

all of these puppies are reserved!
We are expecting another litter in February-ish.
Please feel free to call, text or email for more information
on reserving a puppy!



We spend ALOT of time with these babies.
Socializing is a huge part of raising a well rounded puppy.
Bling was pretty comfortable I think!!
We introduce them to toys and expose them to all sorts of noises.
 They are all very playful, curious and cuddly at this age.
 Spur took a quick nap he needed the rest
 so he could jump up and start to play again!
 Enya's family has come to visit her a couple of times.
 I think she might just love this new family of hers!!
 Echo was kicking back with Sis.
She loves to cuddle after a rough day of playing!
Cinch is starting to recognize, and is interested in toys.
 First afternoon it was kind of warm enough to hang out outside!
 they weren't really sure what it was all about.
 But mama was there so they were happy to eat on the go!!